Sistemas Combinados de Electrocloración + UV

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18 February, 2019
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These systems were created for sterilizing function, and they are based on the use of lamps of a certain power, which emit
a light with a wavelength such that they cross the layers of cells in the microorganisms at a certain frequency, and destroy their DNA, through the quick passage through a specific lamp, disintegrating viruses, fungi, algae and other water pollutants,
as well as chloramines or combined chlorine; whose excessive use can generate eyes and skin irritations, ,and bad odors
in indoor pools facilities… without mentioning its recently discovered carcinogenic and harmful effect on health. Thus, these
systems are included in the water treatment systems, and also in the public and private pools area.

UV equipment works in a region of the electromagnetic spectrum between 240 and 280 nanometres (nm) (germicidal radiation), which destroys microorganisms (including bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores) affecting its genetic material (DNA)

Types of lamps

There are two types of lamps:

  • Low pressure lamps: Emit at 254 nm and its purpose it ́s to eliminate microorganisms.
  • Medium pressure lamps: Emit in a wide UV spectrum (between 180 and 310 nm). Its purpose is, besides disinfecting, to eliminate the three types of chloramines and other organic compounds.

Advantages of this technology:

  • The main advantage of this disinfection system is the reduction of the amount of disinfectant that must be added to the pool for disinfection; since a large amount of water disinfection is carried out by the UV system; although in spite of this, it will also be necessary to have and maintain a minimum of disinfectant dissolved in the water.
  • The water to be treated will have a continuous and controlled contribution of disinfectant (chlorine), and the UV system will complete the process, ensuring a total disinfection… and not only of the water, but also of the complete system (filter, pre-filter, pipes, etc.) this process reduces and eliminates points of the installations that could generate potential sources of infection for the water of any pool, that is not treated correctly.
  • Reduces the need for chlorine ozone, hydrogen peroxide, etc., addition…as well as eliminating combined chlorine compounds, providing better water quality for the user.
  • High efficiency against a huge range of microorganisms, including those resistant to chlorine (viruses, protozoa, etc).
  • Does not affect the physical, chemical or organoleptic properties of water or air.
  • Low maintenance, electrical consumption and operational costs.
  • Compact and easy to operate and do not require special security measures.
  • No odors, stains on the skin
  • No need to control levels or parameters.

The energy contained in ultraviolet light is very efficient for water treatment. However, for the design of the different applications, it is necessary to properly dimension the equipment and clearly define its installation, mode of operation, requirements and schedule its maintenance.

Data needed to determine UV equipment:

  • Pool volume
  • Pressure (bar)
  • Water Pump flow (m3/h)
  • Water temperature (oC)
  • Water Flow (m3)
  • Origin of the water (Well, Network, etc)
  • Diameter of inlet and outlet piping
  • Pool Indoor or outdoor
  • Bacteriological, physical and chemical analysis of the water to be treated

For each installation it will be necessary to make a preliminary and specific study in order to determine the most recommended dose of the combination of our Electrolysis + UV systems will be necessary to ensure effective and optimal results in the installation. Only in this way can we ensure compliance with the required results. CONSULT US FOR A QUOTATION.