Due to the multiple functions they perform within the community: sport, therapeutic, recreational, etc., the town public swimming pool has become an essential public service and for this reason almost every town has their own public swimming pool. Maximum attention, thus, should to be devoted to its water treatment.

Salt water chlorination avoids the exposure to the harmful preservatives of commercial chlorine and gives many users, to whom swimming pool treated with conventional chlorine are contraindicated due to some kind of allergy or other pathology, the chance to enjoy the pools treated with salt water chlorination without any worry. The small concentration of salt present in the water acts as an isotonic solution and provides a high level of comfort for children, elderly people or athletes who may train for long periods of time. Contrary to what happens in fresh water pools, the skin does not become dehydrated and you can open your eyes underwater without any irritation. Check out all the advantages of salt water chlorination for pools.

Innowater has an extensive range of salt water chlorinators that can provide enough chlorine for any size or type of pool. All models share the same architectural design, with high performance, electronically controlled power supplies and low-maintenance, compact cells.

As well as generating the chlorine, innowater provides you with the measuring and monitoring instruments needed for any commercial swimming pool. pH monitoring is essential because chlorine sanitizing power depends on it. Also, keeping a correct pH value is required in order to avoid lime deposits and algae blooms. Thus, pH monitoring and regulation, together with that of the chlorine, should be prevalent in every public facility. Basically, these instruments consist of a probe, which constantly monitors the pH or the chlorine of the pool, and an electronic monitoring system which, depending on the probe readings, activate a dosing pump or a salt water chlorinator in order to correct the measured values and keep them within the pre-determined range. Check out our monitoring and dosing range.

To discover which salt water chlorinator is the best fit for your public swimming pool, we need to make a calculation based on the following parameters:

Type of system: Outside