Innowater has the necessary control and dosing instruments to keep the water in perfect condition and to manage the pool easily. Innowater control equipment and chlorinators also share a wireless communication system that greatly facilitates their installation

The water’s pH is, together with the chlorine concentration, the most important parameter when keeping a swimming pool in perfect condition, as chlorine efficiency to disinfect the water depends on it. Thus, the key to obtain a crystal-clear water is directly related to keeping the pH at its optimal value. Besides, a wrong pH value can lead to algae and other microorganism fouling and scale build up.

Another useful chemical parameter is the oxidation-reduction potential, or redox, which measures the oxidizing (or disinfection) capacity of water. In certain conditions, this value can be used to estimate the chlorine concentration. In a domestic pool, measuring this parameter can be useful to detect a deficit or excess of chlorine and to automatically start or stop a salt chlorinator or a dosing device.

In public swimming pools a real time monitoring of chlorine concentration is essential for a proper pool management and often required by local regulations. Innowater Monitor System provides accurate, real time chlorine concentration and pH readings even when chlorine stabilizer is present in the water. It can remotely control a salt chlorinator and one or more dosing pumps and be easily integrated in the existing swimming pool managing system.