Avoid those preservatives and chemical by-products in your pool’s water by installing a salt water chlorinator. Contrary to the commercial chlorine formulas, a salt water chlorinator provides you with much healthier and efficient, chemically pure chlorine and produces exceptionally clear, high quality water. Furthermore, this will avoid you having to store and handle the chlorine, along with the dangers that that poses to your family.

In addition, when using salt water chlorination in your pool’s water, the presence of a small concentration of salt in the water produces an osmotic balance with your skin and eyes, which provides unparalleled comfort. Your skin doesn’t become dehydrated or wrinkled and you can open your eyes under the water without feeling any discomfort. Check out all the advantages of salt water chlorination for pools.

Innowater has a full range of salt water chlorinators for private pools, as well as monitoring and dosing equipment to provide you with a complete and automated treatment for your residential pool.

Innowater salt water chlorination products for private pools are perfectly adapted to any size or type of pool and are very simple to install, even in pools that are already up and running.

SMC Salt water chlorinators

High Performance compact chlorinators:

  • Sealed high performance power supply
  • Closed enclosure without force ventilation
  • LCD display with easy menu interface
  • Fast-disconnect water proof cell connector
  • Power electronic control overload proof
  • Low maintenance compact bipolar cell
  • Programmable polarity period
  • Transparent cell housing for easy access and rapid inspection
  • Screwless cell cable connection
  • Metal-plastic removable cell pins

The perfect accompaniment to your salt water chlorinator is an automated pH control. Keeping the pH at the recommended values is essential for the chlorine produced to be efficient and to achieve a pool that is both sparklingly clean and free from lime. The innowater domestic chlorinators can be equipped with the pH-Wireless option which allows you to measure the pH and activate a pH corrective solution dosing pump via a wireless connection. The pH measurement and the configuration are done through the chlorinator’s interface, which results in a very compact and straight-forward system. The pump’s wireless connection makes installation much easier and makes it possible for the acid container to be separated from delicate equipment, even installing it outside of the filtration room.

pH-Wireless Option

  • Independent dosing pump with long-range wireless control.
  • Allows installation away from the chlorinator or outside the filtration room to avoid acid damage.
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Removable screwless transparent peristaltic pump head
  • Easy calibration and configuration through the chlorinator LCD interface
  • Variable speed motor
  • Continuous and proportional dosing
  • Programmable dosing alarm and start delay
  • Manual primming button
  • Flow: 1,5 l/h at 1,5 bar

Max. heigh suction: 1,5 m

Another chemical parameter of the water to take into account is the oxidation-reduction, or redox, potential which measures the oxidising (or disinfection) capacity of the water. In certain conditions, this value can be used to estimate the chlorine concentration. In a domestic pool, measuring this parameter can be useful to detect a deficit or excess of chlorine and to automatically start or stop your salt chlorinator. The Innowater pH-Redox controller allows the pH and redox potential to be monitored and it is the ideal complement to your residential chlorinator if you want to control both parameters.

pH-Redox Controller

pH and redox potential standalone regulator

  • Integrated dosing pump
  • Screwless removable transparent peristaltic head
  • Variable speed motor
  • Continuous and proportional dosing
  • Easy calibration and configuration through chlorinator LCD interface
  • Programmable dosing alarm and start delay
  • Dry contact output
  • Programmable contact output: ON/OFF signal or proportional duty cycle PWM
  • Wireless output for innowater equipment (optional)
  • Modbus communication (optional)

To discover which salt water chlorinator is the best fit for your private pool, we need to make a calculation based on the following parameters:

Type of system: Outside