Remote Pool Control

control y dosificacion ph redox
pH Basic Controller
18 February, 2019
Sistemas Combinados de Electrocloración + UV
20 February, 2019


  • Remote console, completely independent, for control of the pool table by long-range radio frequency link.
  • It allows to actuate and control the status of the filtration without having to access to the filtration room.
  • It can control up to 8 elements (pump, chlorinator, lights, etc.), each protected with its magnetothermic and manually operated.
  • The console can be in the living room of the domicile or in the offices of the installation and does not use bluetooth or wifi for its connection with the filtration room.
  • User interface via LCD screen and simple menu system.
  • Scheduler and annual calendar.
  • Filtration as a function of temperature.
  • Pump control with variable speed.
  • Reading of parameters: temperature, pH, etc.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Possibility of connection to the Internet or domotic system.

It consists of:

  • DIN rail module for electrical panel.
  • Remote console with rechargeable battery.