31 May, 2023

Why is salt chlorination the most natural method to maintain your pool?

SUSTAINABILITY Sustainability is an issue that should concerns us all. Taking care of the environment is essential to ensure the future of the planet and problems […]
15 March, 2022

pH and chlorine control in swimming pools

Water’s pH level is fundamental for the good maintenance of a swimming pool. Chlorine is used to disinfect the water; therefore, it must be kept in […]
11 January, 2022

High-capacity salt water chlorinator for hotels

When we talk about salt water chlorination, what we are referring to is the perfect solution for disinfecting the water in swimming pools. However, it’s important […]
21 December, 2021

Pool maintenance

Have you considered keeping on top of your pool’s maintenance but you feel like it’s a complicated ordeal? Worry not! We will go through with you […]
23 November, 2021

Pool Water Maintenance

Swimming pool water maintenance is essential for you to be able to enjoy a perfect and pleasant dip. Cleaning the pool properly and keeping the water […]
26 October, 2021

Taking care of swimming pools

To correctly take care of your swimming pool, you need an effective treatment which gets rid of all bacteria and keeps the water clean. You can […]
28 September, 2021

Chemical-free pool water

Disinfecting swimming pool water without the use of chemicals is possible. The most effective way of doing this is by using salt water chlorination. This method […]
31 August, 2021

Treatment of pool water

When you have a swimming pool, doubts start forming about which is the best treatment for its water. Without a doubt, salt water chlorination is the […]
27 July, 2021

The advantages of salt water chlorination for your hair

Salt water chlorination is a system that disinfects swimming pools without needing to use chemical products. It is principally based on an electrolysis reaction produced thanks […]