Essential safety measures for your swimming pool

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Essential safety measures for your swimming pool

Medidas de seguridad que no pueden faltar en tu piscina

The public pools will be opening soon and the private ones have already been open for a few weeks now. This week is officially the beginning of summer and we all want to take a dip in the pool. At Innowater we know how important it is to enjoy your pool safely; that’s why we are giving you 4 tips on how to avoid any mishaps this summer.

In order to avoid any unwanted accidents, it is essential that we act responsibly and take preventive measures.

These are the 4 safety measures that we recommend:

  • Watch over the little ones: The smallest members of the household are the most likely to suffer an accident, so you should keep a very watchful eye over them.
  • Do not jump straight into the pool: Cold water shock is real: it occurs when our body comes into sudden contact with cold water, normally after having eaten some food. The symptoms are dizziness, nausea and even loss of consciousness.
  • Always better with friends: Going for a swim on your own can be a luxury, but it is safer to swim in the company of another person.
  • Take care when handling electrical appliances: If you must handle electrical appliances, never do so wet or barefoot.

Using commercial chlorine to treat the pool water can also cause some undesirable effect on the eyes, hair and skin, so it is advisable to opt for other, more innocuous alternatives. Here at Innowater, we suggest that salt chlorination is a good method for treating the water in your pool, since it is not necessary to add any chemicals to disinfect the water.


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