Your public pool maintenance plan with Innowater

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13 Fevereiro, 2020
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Your public pool maintenance plan with Innowater

Tu plan de mantenimiento de piscinas públicas con Innowater

In public facilities it is very important to guarantee the highest water quality so the users can fully enjoy using the pool. With Innowater salt chlorinators, maintenance is reduced, however certain aspects must be taken into account so that the water remains clean and disinfected at all times. With Innowater you will enjoy totally free public swimming pool maintenance plans, in order to ensure the effectiveness of our products and the satisfaction of your customers.

Salt chlorination is one of the most effective methods for treating water in medium and high capacity pools. It is a very effective and profitable system that is virtually maintenance free. Through an electrolytic process, chlorine is naturally generated directly in the treated water, without the need to add chemicals for water disinfection.

To choose the right equipment for a public pool, both its volume and the number of bathers it will have per day and the treatment hours must be taken into account. It is essential to get the right chlorinator for your pool because otherwise the water will not be clean and disinfected when your customers want to use it.

At Innowater, we offer our customers free maintenance plans for public swimming pools, with the aim of guaranteeing our systems function correctly and ensuring the maximum satisfaction of our customers. These plans include two visits by our Official SAT, one at the beginning and the other at the end of the warranty period, to review the condition and operation of the devices (cleaning, connections, values, etc.).

* This service is only offered for high capacity industrial chlorinators (from 250 g/h) installed in Spain and Portugal.

If you are interested in finding out more about our medium capacity or high capacity industrial salt chlorinators and the other aspects of our public swimming pool maintenance plans, you can contact us through our form.


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