The efficiency of salt water chlorination in private pools

26 Novembro, 2020

The efficiency of salt water chlorination in private pools

cloracion piscina privada

Little by little, salt water chlorination is gaining ground on traditional chlorination systems when it comes to private pools. Generally, this is because chemical products are used, which irretrievably results in irritation to the skin and eyes.

Salt water pools use salt electrolysis systems to treat the water. By integrating salt water chlorinators into the filtration system, this generates chlorine gas directly into the treated water. The chlorine will dissolve automatically and straightaway, guaranteeing the water be disinfected and assuring that the water is in perfect condition to use.

But what other benefits can salt water chlorination bring to a private pool?

Financial benefit

Salt water chlorinators maintain the pool water for a much cheaper price, due to the fact there is no need to buy chemical products. Purchasing salt is a lot cheaper and, also, not as much of it is used, which translates to a certainly significant saving compared to buying chlorine.

Better water quality

The water obtained through electrolysis is of a higher quality than the water produced by traditional chlorination systems. Also, taking a dip is more enjoyable for people because they avoid the prospect of suffering any type of irritation; this is due to the amount of salt in the water being practically unnoticeable, which does away with one of the main worries with using these systems.

Safe chlorine control

In chlorinated pools, you need to be constantly handling the chlorine and the rest of the chemical products and when it comes to chlorine, you have to be really careful that there doesn’t end up being an accident of some sort. Electrolysis systems are safer because there is no need to manipulate the chlorine; it is generated directly in the water.

Ecological and natural system

Salt water chlorinators are environmentally sustainable because they do not emit harmful gases into the atmosphere and they use an ecological cycle to treat the pool water. Also, there is no need to add any chemical products nor change the water quite so often.

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