4 tips for maintaining heated swimming pools

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4 tips for maintaining heated swimming pools

4 consejos para el mantenimiento de piscinas climatizadas

The great advantage of heated pools is that you can use them throughout the year, unlike outdoor pools, which are practically unusable during the colder months. Although you may think otherwise, caring for a heated pool is not that different from caring for an unheated one. Innowater, the experts in salt chlorination, gives you 4 tips for maintaining heated swimming pools.

Heating systems allow you to enjoy pool water temperatures above 27 °C. Making it possible to swim throughout the year, despite the lower air temperatures in winter. Regardless of the method we use to heat our pool, its maintenance is similar, so giving you some basic ideas will help you keep the water perfectly maintained.

These are the 4 tips for keeping a heated pool in perfect condition:

  • Using a cover to retain the heat in your pool will also reduce the presence of dirt, but you should not forget to take care of the cover. It is advisable to give it a thorough clean at least once a month.
  • In terms of treating the water, salt chlorination is one of the best methods you can choose: the care is the same as for outdoor pools to keep the water in the best condition for use.
  • To ensure the correct condition of the water, it is essential to control the pH and chlorine levels, so it is advisable to use monitoring and dosing mechanisms.
  • Another good practice is to check the skimmers and filters weekly, to ensure they are operating properly.

At Innowater, we have salt chlorinators that care for the water in heated swimming pools. If you need more information on how to use our systems in your installation, you can contact us using the following form.



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