Types of salt used in salt chlorination pools. Which one do you use?

Qué hacer con la piscina de cloración salina en invierno
What to do with your salt chlorination pool in winter
5 Dicembre, 2019
¿Cómo mantener una piscina de cloración salina en invierno?
How do I maintain my salt chlorination pool in winter?
2 Gennaio, 2020

Types of salt used in salt chlorination pools. Which one do you use?

Tipos de sal para piscinas de cloración salina. ¿Cuál utilizas tú?

Salt chlorination systems are gaining an increasing share of the swimming pool market. It is a highly effective water disinfection method that offers numerous benefits to users. One of questions we most frequently ask ourselves when starting to use a salt chlorinator is, what type of salt should I use? In this new Innowater article, we give you the answer.

It is easy to think that any type of salt is suitable to be used in the electrolysis process to produce the chlorine required to treat the water in our pool. However, this is not the case, since we must understand that different types of salt give different results.

In addition, we must also bear in mind that our chlorinator cell only has a limited operational life, mainly depending on its quality and the treatment used. Choosing a salt that is not specifically treated for salt chlorination pools is a mistake, since it will damage the chlorinator cell and shorten its operational life.

The type of salt also influences the condition of the water, since the less treatment it receives, the less clean it will be, meaning the pool water will be dirtier. When the electrolysis process occurs in the salt chlorinator any residues the salt may contain will end up being deposited at the bottom of the pool, directly affecting how clean and clear the water is.

The main types of salt that we can use in our pool are the following:

  • Sea salt: the most commonly used in salt chlorination pools due to its low price.
  • Vacuum salt: fast dissolving, easy to apply and sold in different formats.
  • Epsom salt: usual in spas, hydromassage, flotation tanks, etc.
  • Multi-function tablets: a combination of pool maintenance products; recommended for large installations with intensive use throughout the year.

Now that you know the different types of salt that can be used in swimming pools, discover how and when to add it to ensure the proper functioning of your salt chlorinator. Do you need further assistance?



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