The best salt chlorinator for your pool. Which one should I buy?

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The best salt chlorinator for your pool. Which one should I buy?

El mejor clorador salino para tu piscina. ¿Cuál debo comprar?

If you are looking for a salt chlorinator, but do not know which is the best option for your pool, you have come to the right place. With this article we want to make things easier for you so that it doesn’t cost you too much to find a suitable salt chlorination system for your installation. Here we show you the features you should take into account when choosing a salt chlorinator for your pool.

One of the fundamental factors of a salt chlorinator is the amount of chlorine per hour that it is capable of producing to guarantee the cleanliness of the pool water. It is very important that the system we choose produces the necessary chlorine so that our installation is kept in perfect condition at all times. In addition, this number will also be influenced by the number of people who use the pool, the more users there are, the more chlorine is needed.

Should the amount of chlorine produced by the chlorinator vary depending on whether it is a public or a private pool? In the case of private pools, chlorine production can be determined based on the volume of the pool, since this parameter will limit the number of bathers who use the facility daily. On the other hand, choosing the best chlorinator for a public pool is more complicated as the number of users is higher and permanent hygiene conditions must be guaranteed. This parameter can be calculated by multiplying the hours in which the pool is open by the average number of users per hour.

El mejor clorador salino para tu piscina. ¿Cuál debo comprar?

Now we are going to show you other features that the best salt chlorinator for swimming pools must have:

  • pH and Redox controller: Your salt chlorinator must be compatible with the use of a control and regulation mechanism for these parameters to ensure maximum water quality.
  • Self-cleaning cell: This is a fundamental aspect to bear in mind, since cleaning the cell manually runs the risk of damaging it, reducing the chlorinator’s effectiveness.
  • Salt level control: The salt chlorination equipment you choose should have an alert system that detects when the salt concentration is above or below the level it should be.
  • Electrode life: This provides greater capacity and durability to the salt chlorinator.

At Innowater, we have the best saline chlorinators to treat the water in your pool; we have 3 types of chlorinator characterised by the amount of chlorine they are capable of producing: domestic salt chlorinators, medium capacity industrial salt chlorinators and high capacity industrial salt chlorinators. If you need advice to find the most suitable option for your installation, you can contact us through our form.


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