How to treat pools on small terraces with salt chlorinators

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30 Gennaio, 2020
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How to treat pools on small terraces with salt chlorinators

Cómo tratar piscinas en terrazas pequeñas con cloradores salinos

Easy to install, simple to use and providing great savings, salt chlorinators are one of the best options for treating the water in pools located on small terraces. Many owners may think that their installation is too small to use such a system, however they cannot even imagine the advantages it offers.

The first thing you should know is that it does not matter how many cubic metres your pool has, because Innowater has the systems you need to treat the water in any installation; be it a spa, a small private pool or a large facility with a high turnover of users. The chlorine production of our devices ranges from 10 g/h, for a pool volume of 0 – 30 m3, to 1,000 g/h for pools with a capacity of up to 1,500 m3.

The SMC domestic salt chlorinators and the new SALT chlorinator, which by the way is receiving very positive feedback from our online sales customers, are especially suitable for small pools; since they produce the optimal amount of chlorine for this type of pool. The only thing the user has to do is pour in 5 kg to 6 kg of salt per m3 of water before putting the device into operation.

Advantages of salt chlorination for small terrace pools

  • Total disinfectant action: The natural chlorine generated by salt chlorination eliminates the bacteria, algae and viruses present in the water, prevents the appearance of chloramines and deals with other contaminants such as sun creams or the grease present on swimmers’ skin.
  • Easy use and great efficiency: One of the main advantages of salt chlorinators is that they work daily automatically, so the owner does not need to spend much time on disinfecting the pool.
  • Big savings for pool owners: The initial investment to buy this system is quickly paid back, because it is not necessary to add chemical chlorine to treat the pool.

If you need more specific information on the use of our systems for swimming pools in small terraces, you can contact us by completing the following form, sending us an email on or calling us on +(34) 91 022 85 44.

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