La mejor forma de controlar el buen estado del agua de tu piscina
The ideal way to keep your pool water in the best condition possible.
16 Settembre, 2019
Aspectos a tener en cuenta antes de construir una piscina
Aspects to consider before building a pool
10 Ottobre, 2019

How to measure the salt content in your pool?

¿Cómo medir la concentración de sal en tu piscina?

Salt chlorination is one of the most popular options for pool sanitation. It is a disinfection method in which chlorine is generated directly in the treated water through electrolysis. However, for this to occur, you will need to measure the salt content in the pool. Shall we show you how?

In pools that use salt chlorination, it is important for salt levels to be correct. Otherwise, the chlorinator will not function properly and the water will not be in the best possible condition for use.

The problems you may encounter are as follows:

  • If salinity levels are too low, the correct amount of chlorine will not be generated to disinfect the water.
  • If salinity levels are too high, the metal pieces in your pool will corrode and the water will be murkier than normal.

One of the advantages of Innowater’s salt chlorinators is that they directly measure the salt content in the water. The recommended amount is 5 to 6 kg of salt per m3 of water. Remember, the first time you add the salt, you must do so with the chlorinator switched off, and before connecting it, you must run the pool pump for 24 hours.

When the chlorinator is working, it does not use salt, however, the salt content may drop due to rain or other fresh water sources, such as cleaning the filter. Therefore it is extremely important to monitor the salt levels regularly, to ensure your pool is ready to be used at any time of the year.

You can check whether the salt levels are correct (“salt: ok”) on the main menu of the chlorinator and the actual production in percentage terms. With these modern systems, you don’t need to use other methods to measure the salt content, since the chlorinator screen will display the message “Insufficient salt level” when the content is too low. You simply have to add the required amount of salt and when it has dissolved press the “ok” key to restart the device.

Contact us if you would like more information about how our salt chlorinators work.


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