Get rid of algae and green water in your swimming pool with saline chlorination

La mejor forma de mantener limpia tu piscina en verano
The best way to keep your pool clean in summer
11 Luglio, 2019
Cloración salina, la mejor opción para piscinas residenciales
Saline chlorination, the best option for shared, community pools
25 Luglio, 2019

Get rid of algae and green water in your swimming pool with saline chlorination

Acabar con las algas y el agua verde de tu piscina con la cloración salina

Spending time in the pool in the company of our friends and family is a luxury that we all like to enjoy in summer. That is, if we have made sure that the water is in the best condition, because nobody wants to swim in a pool full of algae, which does not comply with hygiene and health standards. Here, Innowater will show you how to get rid of the green water in your pool, thanks to saline electrolysis.

Why is my pool water green?

If the water changes colour, if it becomes opaque or if the walls become slippery, this means algae is growing in your pool. It may originate in the water treatment system or filters, or be due to improper maintenance or excessive heat in the pool. At the first sign of algae, it is advisable to stop swimming, as the presence of algae causes an increase in bacteria, putting our health at serious risk.

If you want to keep your pool water in perfect condition, choose saline chlorination and you will not have any problems. You must take the following aspects into account to ensure the best disinfectant action by your chlorinator:

  • Adequate salt concentration: Pools with saline electrolysis should have the optimum salt concentration to treat the water and avoid the appearance of algae. If the device tells us that it needs more salt, due to evaporation or filter washes, we must add it to the water as soon as possible.
  • Check pool water pH: If the pH value is higher than 7.6, this can promote the formation of algae. Therefore, it is advisable to install your chlorinator with a pH regulation and dosing system.

If you need more tips on how to keep your pool water from turning green, this article from our blog will show you how. With Innowater, you will enjoy your pool all summer!

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