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Complementary systems to salt chlorination

Sistemas complementarios a la cloración salina

Salt chlorination is a widely used pool water disinfection treatment among pool owners. It is a method that guarantees totally disinfected, clean and clear water. While it is a highly effective method in itself, it is possible to complement the use of a salt chlorinator with other pool water maintenance systems. Do you want to find out more?

Salt chlorination is able to disinfect the water in a swimming pool through a simple electrolysis reaction. A small amount of salt is enough to generate chlorine directly in the treated water, so it is not necessary to add it manually: this avoids the negative effects of excess chlorine. It is a constant disinfection method that is repeated cyclically when the chlorine is transformed back into salt.

Although salt chlorination is a very complete system in itself, pool owners have complementary systems at their disposal to make the salt chlorinator even more effective. Innowater offers the following combinations for your salt chlorinator:

  • Salt chlorinator + pH regulator: A pH regulator is an indispensable system for always keeping the pool water in the best possible condition. It adjusts the pH levels, reducing or increasing them automatically as the circumstances require.
  • Salt chlorinator + monitor and dosing: This automatic system is recommended for private pools to keep the pH and chlorine levels regulated.
  • Salt chlorinator + wireless pH and free chlorine (ppm) monitor: An automatic system for communal swimming pools, public facilities and hotels to keep pH and free-chlorine regulated by means of a platinum-copper amperometric probe.

Innowater has all the systems you need to guarantee swimming in clean and disinfected water. Find the ideal salt chlorinator for your pool and complement its use with our measuring and dosing instruments. If you need more information on the products we offer, you can consult us by filling in the following contact form.


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