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26 Novembre, 2020


More and more people wish to stay in a country house for their holidays. Fundamentally, there are a number of reasons for this: they offer more […]
9 Aprile, 2020

What type of swimming pool can be installed in a penthouse apartment?

In practice, obtaining the necessary permits should be sufficient for you to be able to install your pool in your terrace, although you must also take […]
12 Marzo, 2020

4 tips for maintaining heated swimming pools

The great advantage of heated pools is that you can use them throughout the year, unlike outdoor pools, which are practically unusable during the colder months. […]
27 Febbraio, 2020

3 new trends for pools for 2020

The winter is one of the best times to consider building a pool or to think about possible improvements so that our installation is perfect next […]
26 Febbraio, 2020

Your public pool maintenance plan with Innowater

In public facilities it is very important to guarantee the highest water quality so the users can fully enjoy using the pool. With Innowater salt chlorinators, […]
13 Febbraio, 2020

How to treat pools on small terraces with salt chlorinators

Easy to install, simple to use and providing great savings, salt chlorinators are one of the best options for treating the water in pools located on […]
30 Gennaio, 2020

The best salt chlorinator for your pool. Which one should I buy?

If you are looking for a salt chlorinator, but do not know which is the best option for your pool, you have come to the right […]
16 Gennaio, 2020

The SMC chlorinator, the best option for smaller capacity pools

Many home owners have small swimming pools, which do not usually have too much water and do not receive a large number of users per day. […]
2 Gennaio, 2020

How do I maintain my salt chlorination pool in winter?

In winter, many people wonder what is the best way to maintain their salt chlorination pool so that it is in the best possible condition for […]