Tu plan de mantenimiento de piscinas públicas con Innowater
Your public pool maintenance plan with Innowater
26 Febbraio, 2020
4 consejos para el mantenimiento de piscinas climatizadas
4 tips for maintaining heated swimming pools
12 Marzo, 2020

3 new trends for pools for 2020

3 tendencias en piscinas para este 2020

The winter is one of the best times to consider building a pool or to think about possible improvements so that our installation is perfect next season. If you have doubts about how to do this, here we tell you the latest for swimming pools for 2020.

Infinity pools integrated into the environment

This year the construction of swimming pools will seek to completely integrate the installation into its surroundings. Regardless of whether it is a public or private pool, whether it is installed next to the sea or in the mountains, or the type of materials used to build it; the main objective will be to achieve maximum the adaptation to its surroundings. This will make it possible to create beautiful effects, like those shown in this image.

3 tendencias en piscinas para este 2020Swimming pools and technology go hand in hand

Another of the latest trends in swimming pools for 2020 is that of smart installations, where the user can control everything directly from their mobile device. Technology and the latest advances are automating the daily care and monitoring of our pools, as is the case with our systems that allow the main water quality parameters to be regulated.

Pools with salt chlorination

Salt chlorination has completely eliminated chlorine in tablet-form for pool water maintenance. It is a much more economical, effective and healthy treatment than traditional disinfectant methods. In addition, Innowater’s products give you the possibility of installing your equipment together with pH monitoring and dosing mechanisms, guaranteeing total water disinfection.

3 tendencias en piscinas para este 2020These are the main trends in swimming pools for 2020, take note of them so that your installation is perfect next season. Do not hesitate to contact us to enjoy the best water treatment for your installation, with salt chlorinators developed with the latest technology and high quality materials.

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