What type of swimming pool can be installed in a penthouse apartment?

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What type of swimming pool can be installed in a penthouse apartment?

¿Qué piscina puedo poner en un ático?

In practice, obtaining the necessary permits should be sufficient for you to be able to install your pool in your terrace, although you must also take into account local council regulations and the rules of the residents’ association. However, there are other issues beyond whether or not you can put a pool in your penthouse: Is it necessary to reinforcement the structure? What materials are suitable? And what about safety?

If you want to enjoy a swimming pool on your terrace or penthouse it is very important that you carry out a technical study with a suitable architect or engineer, who will study the viability of the structure, as well as the weight it can support. It is essential that the building’s structure can support the load generated by the pool shell, the water when the pool is filled and the users who will use the installation. If necessary, and if this is indicated by the construction expert, you will have to reinforcement the structure to support all the weight and prevent the building from being affected in the future.

And what about the characteristics of the pool?

The lighter the pool’s shell, the easier it will be to install the pool without having to reinforce the building’s structure. One recommendation is to use a double layered shell, where the upper layer contains the water and the lower one prevents leaks from occurring into the building. As for the material, you have different options at your fingertips: stainless steel, resistant and waterproof; polyester, quick to install but with limited size options; or concrete, the strongest and most water-tight.

Installing a pool in a penthouse is more complex than on the terrace of a private property, because it is often done in a building that is already inhabited. In addition, the installers must be very careful to avoid water leaks or moisture in the property underneath. In terms of its safety during use, it is essential that the pool is located respecting the relevant legal distance to the edge of the terrace.

Are you looking for a water treatment method for a swimming pool installed in a penthouse? At Innowater we recommend salt chlorination as the method to disinfect your pool as it is an economic and healthy option.

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