Treatment of pool water

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The advantages of salt water chlorination for your hair
27 July, 2021
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28 September, 2021

Treatment of pool water

When you have a swimming pool, doubts start forming about which is the best treatment for its water. Without a doubt, salt water chlorination is the best system to treat the pool water in both private and public pools.

Salt water chlorination is a system which disinfects swimming pool water without using chemicals. It’s based on the scientific evidence surrounding the electrolysis reaction generated by the concentration of salt in the water. The aim of this process is to create the natural chlorine that’s required for the swimming pool to be properly disinfected.

Treating the pool with salt is just as effective as traditional chlorine, however you don’t get the damage that’s caused by the chemicals. Being both a natural and efficient system, it makes it not only perfect for the environment but also the health of those using the pool.

Being an automatic system, salt water chlorinators make it possible to keep an optimal level of chlorine in the water, therefore guaranteeing disinfection without needing to undertake any further processes of adding salt at the start of the season.

It’s not necessary to add any more than 5 grams of salt per litre of water. This water then flows through the electrolytic cell, bringing about an electrolytic process which generates the chlorine with which the pool water is disinfected. The salt water electrolysis happens even with this reduced concentration of salt. This process happens over and over again without needing the addition of any further salt, unless the pool water is changed in a very drastic way.

Using salt water chlorinators for disinfecting the pool water brings several benefits not only to the environment but also to you. It’s the healthiest and most natural option, being suitable for those people with atopic skin conditions, protecting the eyes from becoming irritated and red, and also being kind to your hair.

It is a safe system, as it doesn’t need any chemicals to be bought, stored or handled, which could lead to accidents happening.

Here at Innowater, we encourage you to make the wise choice and use salt water chlorinators to treat the water in your swimming pool.

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