The advantages of salt water chlorination for your hair

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15 June, 2021
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The advantages of salt water chlorination for your hair

Ventajas de la cloración salina en el cabello

Salt water chlorination is a system that disinfects swimming pools without needing to use chemical products. It is principally based on an electrolysis reaction produced thanks to a common concentration of salt, between 4 and 6 grams per litre, in the pool’s water.

For the disinfection of swimming pools, the salt water chlorinator is a solution which respects both its users’ health and the environment. Using this system offers many benefits, for both public and private swimming pools.

It is common knowledge that constant exposure to chlorinated water can leave your hair chemically damaged. So then, is salt water chlorination a better alternative?
When your hair comes into contact with the chlorine, there is a build-up of chemicals in the hair follicle. This can cause the hair to grow more slowly, since the chlorine blocks the scalp’s pores.

Do you have greasy hair that is hard to control? The salt water helps you to control the levels of oil in your hair. The minerals that are present in the salt water break down the oils present in the hair and help to maintain a healthy balance. Furthermore, thanks to the salt, an oily and irritated scalp can benefit from a calming effect.

Every time you put your head underwater in a pool treated with salt water chlorination, your scalp and your hair absorb healthy minerals. This can alleviate feelings of itchiness on your scalp, or stop it feeling dry or flaky and in the process, it can help to promote the healthy growth of your hair.

Chlorine, in contrast to water with added salt, has only negative effects. Chlorinated water can have an incredibly drying and irritating effect. Regardless of the short time of exposure of the hair to the chlorine, problems can occur after just the first contact, even if it isn’t for very long. The chlorine can take away the natural protective layer that our hair has and make the strands more susceptible to becoming damaged or losing their moisture. Therefore, the hair can very often be dry, porous and rough.

If you would like to enjoy all of the benefits of salt water electrolysis for your hair, at Innowater you will find everything you need to transition to salt water chlorination.

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