Taking care of swimming pools

Agua de piscina sin químicos
Chemical-free pool water
28 September, 2021
Mantenimiento agua piscinas
Pool Water Maintenance
23 November, 2021

Taking care of swimming pools


To correctly take care of your swimming pool, you need an effective treatment which gets rid of all bacteria and keeps the water clean. You can enjoy a crystal-clear pool with a good filtration system and well-treated water. Salt water electrolysis can offer the care and attention your pool needs and it’s also an environmentally-friendly choice.

There are many advantages that salt water chlorination offers us and taking good care of our pool is one of them. Thanks to its practicality, keeping a pool in tip-top condition is really easy, safe and easy on the wallet. Its great disinfecting power results from a salt water electrolysis process which converts the added salt into chlorine, guaranteeing us a completely natural way to disinfect the pool.

Using a salt water chlorination system to maintain a swimming pool is really simple. You do not need to constantly do maintenance on the pool or be adding many more products into the pool. However, you do need to keep a diligent eye on the chlorine and pH level of the water so that it’s clear and it’s clean.

Here at Innowater we offer you the control and dosing tools to maintain the right pH level. This way, you can rest easy knowing that your pool has the appropriate levels and that the chlorine is sufficiently able to disinfect the water.

Cleaning the cell is the most important part of looking after the salt water chlorinators. It’s a vital step to keep the equipment in optimum condition so it produces the necessary chlorine. Our salt water chlorination equipment relies on a self-cleaning system which works by changing the polarity. However, if the concentration of lime in the water is too high, you may need to manually remove these coatings. Therefore, it’s important to closely monitor the chlorinator’s cell so that you can clean it as and when needed.

Thanks to the salt water chlorinators and control and dosing tools that we can offer you here at Innowater, taking care of your pool can be simple and done naturally.

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