Why is salt chlorination the most natural method to maintain your pool?

pH and chlorine control in swimming pools
15 March, 2022

Why is salt chlorination the most natural method to maintain your pool?


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Sustainability is an issue that should concerns us all. Taking care of the environment is essential to ensure the future of the planet and problems such as drought or water conservation.

At Innowater we are aware of the global drought situation, and we want to remind you of the advantages of our equipment by not harming the environment and being a good water saver. Salt chlorination is the most natural and ecological method, its main advantage lies in the fact that it does not need the help of any added chemical product to perform a correct maintenance These devices automatically generate and dose chlorine through salt, so there is no need to manipulate or store chemical products. Therefore, we eliminate the risk associated with the purifier’s premises, achieving a hazard-free work environment.


Using our salt chlorination systems allows us to keep water in perfect condition without having to make an excessive expense by saving its replacement year after year. These systems are highly developed and help to avoid the consumption of chemical products and increase water quality. In this way, you will save money and help the environment by consuming only salt and preserving your water in perfect condition for several seasons. Thanks to salt chlorination, you will be able to continue enjoying the pool while also reducing water consumption, with all that it implies.

In addition to being a natural method for pool maintenance, salt chlorination has many health benefits. If you are interested in using this system in your pool, you can contact us, and we will inform you about all your doubts at www.innowater.es

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