Saline chlorination, the best option for shared, community pools

Acabar con las algas y el agua verde de tu piscina con la cloración salina
Get rid of algae and green water in your swimming pool with saline chlorination
18 July, 2019
La mejor forma de controlar y dosificar tu piscina
The ideal way to keep your pool water in the best condition possible.
16 September, 2019

Saline chlorination, the best option for shared, community pools

Cloración salina, la mejor opción para piscinas residenciales

Many people like to spend the summer in a villa or flat in a residential community, especially those that have a shared swimming pool for its residents. However, every summer, some of them return home with red eyes, itchy skin and other problems related to excess chlorine in the water. Free yourself from all these problems this summer by swimming in a shared, community swimming pool with saline chlorination.

Traditional pool water maintenance systems use too much chlorine. In the long run, this can lead to serious health problems for the swimmers who use these facilities. Saline electrolysis is a very effective disinfection method, where chlorine is generated directly in the water, which is treated with an electrolytic process. There is, therefore, no need to add more chlorine to purify the water.

Saline chlorination is the best option for treating the water in shared, community swimming pools, as it prevents the appearance of bacteria and algae without the need to use chlorine tablets, which can be harmful to our health if they are used in excess. In addition, even though a lot of people may be using the pool, saline chlorination prevents the formation of chloramines, which are harmful to our body.

Therefore, if you choose salt electrolysis to disinfect the water in your community pool, you will be using an effective system that offers you many advantages:

  • Avoid health problems for swimmers and improve their enjoyment.
  • Save time and money on maintaining the community pool, with a method that will ensure the water will be kept in perfect condition for many years.
  • Protect the environment while ensuring complete water disinfection.

At Innowater we have medium- or high-capacity industrial saline chlorinators for treating the water in community swimming pools with a high number of daily users. You can use the following contact form if you need more information on our products and services.

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