Pool maintenance

Mantenimiento agua piscinas
Pool Water Maintenance
23 November, 2021
High-capacity salt water chlorinator for hotels
11 January, 2022

Pool maintenance

Pool maintenance

Have you considered keeping on top of your pool’s maintenance but you feel like it’s a complicated ordeal? Worry not! We will go through with you step by step how to go about it, so you can enjoy your pool and the benefits that salt water chlorination gives you.

It’s important to set aside the right amount of time to attend to the maintenance of your pool in order to avoid possible future issues, such as issues with the water or with the structure and components which make it work properly. Dealing with maintenance efficiently and in a timely manner means you can have a blast in your pool with no complications.

Following these steps is the ideal way for you to manage the maintenance of your pool and make sure that you are doing it in the right way:

  • If you haven’t prepped your pool for the winter (keeping the water in it and treating it with salt water chlorination during the winter) and it’s now sitting empty, you need to clean down the walls and the bottom of the structure. Ideally, this operation should be done when there isn’t much sun, keeping both the walls and the bottom damp.
  • Clean the filtration system, as this is where all the dirt from the pool gets trapped. This build-up of filth in the filter encourages the growth of microorganisms that then move into the pool’s water.
  • Fill the pool up to the recommended limit. In the event that you are spending the winter with your pool prepped and your pool currently has water inside, pick out any leaves, insects or dirt that you can see in it.
  • Regulate the pH level of the pool. It’s important that there is an optimum pH level so the pool can be disinfected properly. The pH level should always sit between 7.2 and 7.6.
  • Add the relevant salt if you have just filled your pool back up. It’s fundamental that the salt level is right, since if there is too much, it can corrode the metal components and give the pool a salty taste. If the level is too low, the chlorine generator won’t work properly. Innowater salt water chlorinators calculate the salt concentration in the water automatically without you needing to manually calculate it. This means you can enjoy your pool without any kind of worry.


Carrying out good maintenance in a timely manner will ensure that the condition of the structure and water of the pool is great. At Innowater, we have efficient equipment which allows you to safely enjoy taking a dip and enjoy multiple benefits

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