30 January, 2020

The best salt chlorinator for your pool. Which one should I buy?

If you are looking for a salt chlorinator, but do not know which is the best option for your pool, you have come to the right […]
16 January, 2020

The SMC chlorinator, the best option for smaller capacity pools

Many home owners have small swimming pools, which do not usually have too much water and do not receive a large number of users per day. […]
2 January, 2020

How do I maintain my salt chlorination pool in winter?

In winter, many people wonder what is the best way to maintain their salt chlorination pool so that it is in the best possible condition for […]
18 December, 2019

Types of salt used in salt chlorination pools. Which one do you use?

Salt chlorination systems are gaining an increasing share of the swimming pool market. It is a highly effective water disinfection method that offers numerous benefits to […]
5 December, 2019

What to do with your salt chlorination pool in winter

The season for swimming in private pools is coming to an end, so you must be prepared now that winter is coming. Once the summer season […]
21 November, 2019

Complementary systems to salt chlorination

Salt chlorination is a widely used pool water disinfection treatment among pool owners. It is a method that guarantees totally disinfected, clean and clear water. While […]
7 November, 2019

The best materials for lining your salt chlorination pool

One choice that has to be made when building a pool is the materials to be used in its construction. If, due to its numerous benefits, […]
24 October, 2019

6 very useful tips to look after your salt chlorination pool

Just because the summer break is over, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a refreshing dip in your pool until the end of the summer. If […]
10 October, 2019

Aspects to consider before building a pool

Proper planning is very important when building your swimming pool. Particularly, if you don’t want to run out of time and you want to enjoy your […]