How do salt chlorination systems work?

cloracion piscina privada
The efficiency of salt water chlorination in private pools
11 December, 2020
27 May, 2021

How do salt chlorination systems work?

How do salt chlorination systems work?

For some time now, the adoption of salt water chlorination as a disinfectant treatment for pool water has been increasing, leaving the use of chemical products behind, which are not only harmful for the environment but also the health of those bathing in the pool.

This system is very efficacious and leads to great satisfaction, not only for the pool users but also the owners and/or those in charge of the pool. It’s for this reason that, today, we at Innowater want to explain to you exactly how these salt water chlorination systems work within a swimming pool.

For the chlorinator to work, it requires just water and salt. Therefore, about 5 grams of salt per litre of water is added into the pool where the chlorinator is installed. With this low salt concentration alone, we can ensure that salt water electrolysis happens.

Salt Water Electrolysis:

Once the salt is added to the pool, the water will circulate through the cell of the chlorinator which houses the electrodes. This causes an electrolyte process which causes electrochemical reactions, such as those that form hydrogen, hydroxyls, oxygen gas and chlorine gas.

When these elements then move outside of the electrode, they join together to form chlorine, hydrogen and sodium hydroxide. This resulting chlorine, when in contact with the water, produces hypochlorous acid which is a strong disinfectant that is capable of destroying bacteria, pathogens and algae. Likewise other disinfectants are produced, such as ozone and hydroxyl radicals.

Steadily, the chlorine is converted once again into salt when it is neutralised with hydrochloric acid. Unless the water in the pool drastically changes or there are many bathers entering the pool, there is no need to tip more salt into the pool.

This process allows the water in these pools to be disinfected in a simple and quick way, a way in which the use of other chemical products to achieve the highest quality of water is avoided.

Without a hint of a doubt, here at Innowater we recommend you to use the salt water chlorinators for the proper disinfection of your pool. Being both practical and effective, they will offer you multiple benefits which you will be able to enjoy from the very first day.

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