How do I maintain my salt chlorination pool in winter?

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18 December, 2019
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How do I maintain my salt chlorination pool in winter?

¿Cómo mantener una piscina de cloración salina en invierno?

In winter, many people wonder what is the best way to maintain their salt chlorination pool so that it is in the best possible condition for when the good weather arrives. During this time you must take a series of considerations into account so as to perform the appropriate over wintering procedures if your pool uses this disinfectant treatment. Do you want to look after your salt chlorination pool in winter?

You may still not know what salt electrolysis is, even though it is one of the most effective water treatments for maintaining a pool in the best condition for use. In this method, salt is added to the water, which, by means of an electrolytic process, is converted to chlorine to eliminate the bacteria, fungi and algae present in the water. It is one of the most economical and effective options for pool owners, for all the benefits it brings.

When winter arrives, you must prepare your pool for over-wintering; since the temperatures are going to drop considerably and we will have to do our best to protect our installation from these low temperatures. However, taking care of a salt chlorination pool in winter has certain peculiarities that you must take into account.

Now that winter is fully upon us, and in some places the temperatures will be below 15 degrees, the salt chlorination system may lose some of its effectiveness. At these low temperatures it is not only the water that can be affected, with more contaminants in the water, but the installation itself can deteriorate. If the water is being kept in the pool during the winter, it will be advisable to filter it for one hour each day or for 7 hours one day a week, to keep it clean year-round without adding any chemicals. Does that mean I should stop treating the water in my pool in winter? Not at all, at this time it is also important that you control the pH levels in the water, which should be between 7.1 and 7.3.

If you have more questions about how to take care of your salt electrolysis pool during the winter, you can contact us using the following form.

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