High-capacity salt water chlorinator for hotels

Pool maintenance
Pool maintenance
21 December, 2021
pH and chlorine control in swimming pools
15 March, 2022

High-capacity salt water chlorinator for hotels

When we talk about salt water chlorination, what we are referring to is the perfect solution for disinfecting the water in swimming pools. However, it’s important to pick the most appropriate salt water chlorinator for the pool in order to ensure the water is correctly disinfected. Here at Innowater, not only do we offer domestic systems for private pools but we also have a wide range of industrial-grade equipment which is perfect for hotel swimming pools.

One of the main attractions of a hotel is the swimming pool it boasts. On many occasions, this element is crucial for guests when it comes to choosing your hotel. Therefore, it’s important to offer customer the best possible option when it comes to entering the pool. With saline electrolysis, the pool users will enjoy the comfort that that small salt concentration in the water offers them.

There are many benefits that salt water chlorination can offer to hotel pool users. One of these benefits is that they can enjoy swimming in naturally-treated water, without the abrasiveness and damage that chemical products can produce and cause. This in turn means the eyes do not get red and irritated and it effectively prevents the skin from drying out; it even avoids the development of fungi.

For hotels, there are only benefits to using salt water chlorinators over traditional chlorine. These chlorinators are user friendly and intuitive. The user interface uses a simple navigation system which means the chlorinator can be easily adjusted.

Another positive point is reduced maintenance. Our high-capacity salt water chlorinators require little maintenance in order to work properly. Also, during the two-year warranty period, we also give you access to a regular maintenance plan.

Our cutting-edge technology guarantees a high performance for disinfecting the water of your hotel swimming pool. This means a lower energy consumption without jeopardising the chlorine production.

As well as the salt water chlorinators, we also have control and dosing systems that your hotel pool needs. It’s vital that the pH level of the water is correct in order to achieve an effective disinfection of the pool. With this equipment, you can continually monitor the chlorine and the pH levels in order to keep them within a pre-determined range.

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