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Pollution, deforestation, climate change, or the misuse of natural resources are slowly killing our planet. The Earth’s temperature has increased during recent years, CO2 continues to accumulate in the atmosphere, and drought continues to spread all over the world. Humankind is the main culprit of this situation, while the rest of living things observe how their end arrives slowly but relentlessly.

One of the current challenges for humanity is protecting the environment. There is ever greater awareness of the importance of caring for the planet. The environment is where life takes place. Thus, if we do not put all of our efforts into reversing this situation, humanity will have no future on a planet that it will have destroyed.

At Innowater we are very aware of the seriousness of the current situation. We know that protecting the environment is vital to preserving life. We develop our products with a clear belief in caring for the planet, avoiding atmospheric CO2 emissions and using water responsibly, thanks to our salt water chlorination systems.

How do we protect the planet at Innowater?

  • We do not use chemicals harmful to the biosphere: Innowater’s saline chlorinators are in line with environmental protection. Our products do not require the use of chemicals harmful to the planet. It is a water treatment system that does not release CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.
  • We use water responsibly: We are living through one of the driest periods in recent years. Therefore, we cannot waste a single drop of water. It is critical that we all use this important natural resource responsibly. Innowater’s salt water chlorinators will keep your pool clean longer and you won’t need to change its water for up to 8 years.

Innowater also participates in different initiatives to promote care for the environment in society. We have recently joined the Water Challenge, a project anyone can join to take advantage of every last drop of water and ensure the future of our planet. If you want to join us in protecting the environment, stay informed about new initiatives we participate in by visiting our news section.

What can you do to take care of the environment?

  • Save water in your daily life by taking a shower instead of bathing or filling your washer to its maximum capacity.
  • Recycle correctly by separating plastics from paper and from organic waste.
  • Use public transportation, bike, walk, and avoid using your car as much as possible.
  • Use cloth or paper rather than plastic bags which pollute and harm the environment more.
  • Disconnect electronic equipment when not in use to reduce electrical consumption.


If you have more ideas to care for the environment or want to learn more about our salt water chlorinators, contact us.



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