Effective disinfection of school pools

27 May, 2021
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27 July, 2021

Effective disinfection of school pools

Currently, many schools boast a swimming pool. It offers many benefits for the children, due to the ability to therefore do water-based sporting activities. Its constant use by a large number of children means that effective and safe disinfection is an absolute necessity.

The fact that it’s children who use this facility means that the hygiene of such pools is much stricter and tightly controlled. We know that young people’s skin and eyes are more sensitive than those of adults and for this reason, salt water chlorination is the best method for disinfecting school swimming pools.

For many years, chlorine was used to disinfect the pools and to guarantee a good water quality. However, the use of chemical products is no longer the optimal way to safely disinfect school swimming pools. By contrast, salt water chlorination is a natural and effective way that provides a high level of disinfection without the negative effects on the children’s health.

For parents, not only is their children’s safety important, but also that they are protected and have peace of mind. It’s for this reason that the hygiene in the pools bathed in by the students must be very well regulated and comply with strict procedures. Using salt water chlorinators in school pools guarantees an effective treatment of the water which is both natural and safe.

At Innowater, we have an extensive range of salt water chlorinators which are tailored to the needs of school swimming pools, providing disinfection in a safe way, completely free of chemical products.

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