6 very useful tips to look after your salt chlorination pool

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10 October, 2019
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7 November, 2019

6 very useful tips to look after your salt chlorination pool

6 consejos muy útiles para cuidar tu piscina de cloración salina

Just because the summer break is over, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a refreshing dip in your pool until the end of the summer. If you have installed a salt chlorinator or you are thinking of doing so, these tips will definitely be useful to ensure your salt electrolysis system works perfectly. Take note and in the pool!

  • Your swimming pool must be prepared correctly and balanced before running the chlorinator. Therefore, you will need to make sure the skimmer and the motor are very clean.
  • Tip the appropriate amount of salt into the water so the salt chlorination system can generate the chlorine in the treated water through the electrolysis process. Remember, you must wait until it dissolves before starting the device.
  • The chlorinator cells can last up to 5 years, if you control the number of hours they run throughout the year (8 in summer, 6 in autumn and 4 in winter), therefore you should handle them with great care.
  • Do not store the chemical products for your pool in the same place as the filter and the chlorinator, as they can corrode everything very easily.
  • It is essential that you control you pool’s pH to guarantee the quality of the water. The saltwater electrolysis system generates a more natural and non-chemical chlorine; therefore water variations can alter its disinfecting effect.
  • If you have any doubts about how you should use your chlorinator, please ask you installer, as it is easy to make mistakes if you don’t know how to use it properly

Innowater has everything you need to enjoy your pool during the rest of the summer. Get a salt chlorinator and a Ph regulator so the water in your pool is always in the best condition possible. Remember you can contact us if you have any queries regarding how to use your system.

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