Ventajas de la cloración salina en el cabello
The advantages of salt water chlorination for your hair
27 Juli, 2021
Ventajas de la cloración salina en el cabello
The advantages of salt water chlorination for your hair
27 Juli, 2021

Chemical-free pool water

Agua de piscina sin químicos

Disinfecting swimming pool water without the use of chemicals is possible. The most effective way of doing this is by using salt water chlorination. This method provides numerous benefits, both to the pool users and to those who service the swimming pools, compared to chemical-based chlorine. When pool water is treated chemical-free with salt water chlorination, it’s a lot safer and more environmentally friendly.

Chemical chlorine has long been the most common method for treating pool water. Its high cost, toxicity level and polluting qualities has led to many pool owners searching for alternatives that are as equally effective as chlorine without all the negative aspects that this chemical brings with it. This alternative comes about as a result of salt water electrolysis which not only efficiently disinfects the water, but also provides great advantages, allowing us to enjoy the pool without worrying about our health.

All you need is salt for salt water electrolysis to occur in the chlorinators. This simple process happens when the water, after adding in the correct amount of salt, travels though the electrodes and produces electrochemical reactions. As a result of these reactions, natural chlorine is produced which is capable of powerfully disinfecting the water, destroying any kind of bacteria present in the pool water.

Having a chemical-free pool allows pool users to enjoy some great advantages. Their hair no longer appears rough and dry as it would if they’d taken a dip in a pool treated with chemical chlorine. It is also pretty common that those who use chlorine-treated pools suffer from irritated and red eyes, something which does not happen with pools that use salt water chlorinators. Salt water electrolysis is marvellous for the skin: it doesn’t become very dry and it even makes getting a tan easier.

When it comes to the environment, salt water chlorination is a step in the right direction compared to chemical chlorine. As it’s a process which only needs salt in order to disinfect the pool water, it’s not a pollutant. Whereas with chemical chlorine, CO₂ is emitted into the atmosphere by the chemicals from which it is made. Also, we are contributing to the responsible use of water, keeping the pool cleaner for longer as you only need to change the water after 8 years have gone by.

With Innowater, you can enjoy a chemical-free swimming pool which is safe for both you and the environment.

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